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Mozart with a dash of Ginastera

October! It’s pulling us in toward our season of cozy indoor concerts. Our first concert will be Sunday, October 27, 4 pm at our new location, Presbyterian Church In Leonia, 181 Fort Lee Road.

Mozart Adagio for Cor Anglais & String Trio, K. 580a

Mozart Flute Quartet in C Major KV Anh. 171 (285b)

Mozart Divertimento for String Trio in Eb Major K. 563

Ginastera Duo Op. 13 for Flute and Oboe

The performers will be the members of the Leonia Chamber Musicians Society:

Roy Lewis, violin

Maggie Speier, viola

Daryl Goldberg, cello

Theresa Norris, flute

Marsha Heller, English horn & oboe

We would be so happy to see you there!

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